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Tips to Find Favorable time to open a Lucky Bank Account

Tips to Find Favorable time to open a Lucky Bank Account

To open a Lucky Bank Account you need to find a good time. A favorable time will make your bank account the Lucky one, it will boost your wealth. Your Bank account won’t get shortage of money. To find a right lucky time  you need to consult a proficient vedic astrologer. But my below article will helps you to find out the right time in a month or year using a simple mobile app. Just follow the  vedic tips you may get some useful muhurta to open your first lucky bank account. If you properly follow the procedure your account will bring wealth and prosperity.

I would prefer a helpful Android app which will helps you to find out good Muhurta and Time. This app also helps you to find out Panchang for any day, shows varsh (Year), maah (month purnimant and amavasyant), vedic chart of any location or time, Detailed panchang, Day and Night Choghadiya, Rahukalam, Yama Ghantam, Guli Kalam, Dur Muhurt and Abhijit Muhurtam etc etc ..

Lucky Bank Account Finding Method: Open the app find-out a favorable weekday (Vaar),  In a working hours find a favorable  Nakshatra (Constellation) for the particular weekday then check-out the Tithi and Karna for the same particular weekday. Be sure most points should match.

Tips : Good Day to Open a Bank Account

Generally Thursday is a go day to open a Bank Account in a Fixed Ascendant (Lagna) when Jupiter is in a   Kona (trine (see the red highlighted)). So to find out the right time you need the Android software to find out the right time through navigating each Thursday of a month. See the below Pic I am using Hindu Calendar App.

Shani (Saturn) in Ascendant is also auspicious for opening bank account investing in-realty stocks, iron sectors, trading in grains (commodity trade), and for storing metals (gold/ silverwares), if the day is otherwise also auspicious based on considerations given below.

Tips : Good Nakshatra (Constellation) to Open a Bank Account
Favorable Nakshatras (Constellation),  are like the zodiacal signs but more specific. So to findout  a good favorable Nakshatra to Open a Bank Account is given below:
  • Mrigasira – λ, φ Orionis
  • Ardra – Betelgeuse
  • Pushya – γ, δ and θ Cancri
  • Uttaraphalguni – Denebola
  • Hasta – α, β, γ, δ and ε Corvi
  • Anuradha –
    β, δ and π Scorpionis
  • Uttarashadha – ζ and σ Sagittarii
  • Sravana – α, β and γ Aquilae
  • Dhanishtha – α to δ Delphini
  • Satabhisha and Uttarabhadrapada –
    γ Aquarii  | γ Pegasi and α Andromedae

It will not benefit the individual at all to store things under :

  • Bharani –
    35, 39, and 41 Arietis
  • Krittika – Pleiades
  • Aslesha – δ, ε, η, ρ, and σ Hydrae
  • Magha – Regulus
  • Purvaphalguni –
    δ and θ Leonis
  • Visakha – α, β, γ and ι Librae
  • Jyeshtha – α, σ, and τ Scorpionis
  • Mula – ε, ζ, η, θ, ι, κ, λ, μ and ν Scorpionis
  • Purvashadha or Purvabhadrapada,  δ and ε Sagittarii and α and β Pegasi

Above Nakstra will bring only financial loss or destruction will happen. You have to check
whether these nakshatras are auspicious from the natal Moon of the native also. 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9th stars and their trines from janma nakshatra will be auspicious.

Tips : Good Tithi (Ending Moment (EM) the lunar date ) to Open a Bank Account
Especially avoid Rikktha (Loss or Nashta) Thitihis – Saturday – Chathurthi (4th) Navami (9th) and Chaturdasi (14th);. Because Rikta Tithi is not good for any important work, so it is avoided
Tips : Good Karna (EM of half of a Tithi) to Open a Bank Account

Static Karanas (Sakuna, Chatushpada, Naga and Kintughna) and Vishti Karana should be avoided.

Tips : Good Lagna (Acendant) to Open a Bank Account 
Fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.) are most favorable and Dual (Mutable) Rasis (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) middling. See the above picture On 5th Jan 2017 at 14.10 the Ascendant is Vrishabha (Taurus) which is a favorable Ascendant.

Some Extra considration 

Tips : Considering a Good Navamsa (D9 Chart) to Open a Bank Account

We will also have to consider a good D9 (Navamsa) if above most Tithi, Karna and Dates etc are  already in our for.

The Rising of D9 Navamsas of the Moon (Cancer), Mercury(Virgo, Gemini), Jupiter(Pises, Sagittarius) and Venus (Taurus, Libra) are favorable.

Tips : Considering a Good Bhava(House) to Open a Bank Account 

Be sure should no planet in 8th house of Rashi or Navamsa Chart and Most Planets are should be in Kendra and Kona and the Jupiter should not be retrograde will add advantages.
Jupiter is in the ascendant or trines to ascendant will prove auspicious.


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