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Bio-medicine and Pharmacology Research in India

Research in Biomedicine and Pharmacology in India


A better future of a country is highly dependent on the health of its residents. This in turn requires ample amount of research in the field of biomedicine and pharmacology, necessary for fighting the new and even more complex diseases that plague its population. This post discusses India’s progress in the same.

Biomedicine Biomedical research in India and its major proponents: In the recent times, India has established its authority in the field of biomedical research, emerging as a leading player in this field. Its cost advantage putting aside, other reasons that have made it so popular include the presence of huge talent pool. Besides, a sad irony that also contributes in India’s dominance is its equally large base of people with a diverse disease portfolio, which helps in better testing of medicines, treatments and techniques.  When last reported, the clinical trials in India gained by a growth ratio of 60 percent. This success would not have been possible without the efforts of the government. Finally giving research in biomedicine and pharmacology its due, it has taken measures which reflect that it is taking the research work seriously. These measures include increasing the annual budget allocation. This enhanced budget will definitely help in setting up of better medical facilities and new clinical research centers in addition to improving the existing ones. The country has currently more than 150 certified biomedicine research organizations, other than various topnotch universities and academic institutions which are involved in conducting clinical trials for biomedicine developing advanced techniques of disease control and management.

Bioinformatics: An important weapon in biomedical research: The future of biomedicine research depends a lot on the correct application of technology in favor of improving research practice and performance parameters. This implementation of technology in biomedicine has given rise to many interesting possibilities and career options. Bioinformatics is one such field that utilizes the power of computing for biological analysis. Bioinformatics now concentrates on analysis, interpretation and relation of the various forms of stored biological data, which can be anything ranging from protein domains, amino acid sequences to nucleotides.  Computational biology is an important sub-discipline of bioinformatics. To be a bioinformatician you must have an inherent interest in biology and computers. It is tough to be an expert in both, but you can always be good at one and have the ability to understand the other fully. Since it is a part of Biotechnology, therefore, it is imperative that all dedicated Biotechnology colleges in India have a course in Bioinformatics as well. Most of the colleges teach Bioinformatics as a part of the curriculum of their Biotechnology course, but there are others that have a special separate degree program for the same. University of Kerala is a pioneering academic institute having separate department for Bioinformatics and conducts regular research trials along with courses in this field.

Bioinformatics focuses on analysis, interpretation and relation of the various forms of stored biological data, which can be anything ranging from protein domains, amino acid sequences to nucleotides.  Computational biology is an important sub-discipline of bioinformatics. A bioinformatics engineer develops and implements various efficient tools that help retrieving, analyzing and management of vast amount of data. He is also responsible for developing different algorithms to understand and create relationships between two sets of data. His role and function include creating computationally intensive techniques that help in better understanding of biological processes.

Biomedicin Pharmacology: Countless avenues for research:  The branch of medicine and biology that deals with the study of drug action is termed as Pharmacology. Putting in other words, pharmacology is the study of interactions that occur between living organisms and chemicals that affect several biochemical functions. Substances that have medicinal properties, they are considered pharmaceuticals. The field essentially encompasses composition of drugs, synthesis, and designing, and interaction toxicology.

A rapidly growing field in India, pharmacology has several career opportunities. If you do not want to cure directly, yet want to be the reason behind it, think about a career option in the pharmaceutical industry. There are a lot of opportunities in clinical research, which is essentially about testing the new drugs, their effects and benefits on humans. A pharmacy graduate can work as clinical research associate, monitoring the conducts of clinical trials, ensuring safety of the subjects. Contract research and contract manufacturing are amongst the most significant factors that are fueling the growth of the industry.  As the industry scales new heights of growth, there is an increase in the demand of pharmacists in India. Students who want to be associated with the medical industry and yet try doing something from the traditional field, they can try working for the Pharmaceutical industry. The corporate section abounding the world of Pharmacy also requires specialists and Pharmacologists can meet their demands.

The main courses in Pharmacy usually comprise Two-Year Diploma, 4 years of Bachelor’s Degree and Two-Year’s of Master’s Program. Those who want to pursue higher studies or get into the field of Research and Development (R&D) may do so. Several pharmacy colleges in India offer courses in Pharmacology.  Moreover, in today’s market scenario, a Pharmacologist can find several job opportunities. Both the public and the private sectors absorb pharmacologists and candidates who have specialized in the related fields. Government hospitals, health departments and nursing homes are some of the places where pharmacists can seek employment.

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